Exploring Men and Eating Disorders

In respect of Men’s Health Week 2017 we  released this short documentary which explores the challenges and hurdles men suffering from eating disorders face and how to overcome them. Raising awareness and encouraging men to reach out for support. Including interviews from Harry Derbidge, Dave Chawner and John Stapleton.

This short film was sponsored by Lynn Crilly, presented by Samantha Crilly and filmed by Adam Finch.

Mental Health Awareness Talk - Rambert School of Ballet - March 2017

In March 2017 I presented a talk on the importance of looking after your mental health and well-being to two groups of students at the Rambert School of Ballet.

Rambert Ballet School

Prima - June 2016

Prima interviewed myself and my family about the struggles we faced with Anorexia and how, as a family we fought it together to become the family we are today.

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Cosmopolitan - September 2015

I contributed to an article in Cosmopolitan about confidence in women.

‘Rejecting compliments is a way of perpetuating negativity, whereas accepting them can reprogramme the brain into more positive ways of thinking.’

Cosmopolitan Sept 2015

Inspirational Mother and Daughter Award - March 2015

It was an honour to receive this award in support of the Caron Keating Foundation. I was nominated by my husband and two daughters.

Awards Pic

Telegraph Online - September 2014

Bulimia doesn’t just affect women – but the stigma means that men who suffer are left to cope with the illness alone.

The isolation faced by men with bulimia only makes the illness worse, as talking is one of the most effective ways of coping with an eating disorder. “It’s important to alleviate the secrecy around bulimia,” says Sam Thomas, founder of Men Get Eating Disorders Too. “Even communicating in different ways, such as writing down how you feel yourself, can be useful.”
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Telegraph Online - February 2014

I contributed to the following during eating disorder awareness week 2014 –

SECRETLY STARVING – Websites that promote eating disorders are on the rise. In this warped online world, anorexia is not a disease but a lifestyle. With users getting younger, and the lengths they go to starve themselves more extreme, experts say the only way to understand this community – and lure them out – is to delve inside it. By Sarah Rainey
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Inspiration Awards for Woman - March 2013

It was an honour to receive an Inspiration award from Gloria Hunniford in support of the Caron Keating Foundation. I was nominated by my husband and two daughters for this award.


Gloria Hunniford2

Book Launch 'HOPE with Eating Disorders' - April 2012

Many of my close friends and family joined me at the Regency Book shop in Surbiton, Surrey on April 2nd 2012, to celebrate the official publishing date of my book ‘HOPE with Eating Disorders’. Thank you for everyones continued support.

Pic 1

Channel 5 'Live With' Fern Britton - April 2012

On Tuesday 24th April 2012, I was interviewed alongside Dr Hilary Jones by the lovely Fern Britton on the Channel Five ‘Live With’ show about my book and to give advice to the carers of eating disorder sufferers.

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Lenis Model Benefit Day - January 2011

Leni provided an informative complimentary day for her models, and I was very privileged to be part of it. Well done Leni… more model agencies should follow in your footsteps.


House of Commons - February 2008

In February 2008, I was asked to speak in the House of Commons with my two daughters Charlotte and Samantha. All three of us delivered speeches relating, through our personal experiences; with the regards to the lack of support and help available to not only the sufferer but to the families and carers of people with eating disorders. Taking it turns, the three of us stood at the podium to get our powerful message across enabling us to raise awareness and challenging the stigma surrounding eating disorders.

speech_iconLynn’s Speechspeech_iconSam’s Speechspeech_iconCharlotte’s Speech

B-EAT Eating Disorder National Award 2007

speech_iconCharlotte’s Letterspeech_iconSam’s Letterspeech_iconKevin’s Letter


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