Hollie Avil – Olympic Triathlete
‘Hope with Eating Disorders’ is a brilliant book – it gives hope to those who are suffering; those who are close to someone suffering or for someone who simply wants to gain a genuine understanding of the topic.

Dan Berkowitz – PsychCentral
“Lynn is obviously emotionally invested in her subject. Having gone through the familial trauma of eating disorders herself, Hope becomes something of a person to talk to in the midst of chaos; a therapist; someone from whom one can gain emotional insight and wisdom; someone from whom one can learn.”
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Yvonne Green Dip. Couns. Dip Eat. Dis. M.BACP
“The most powerful aspect of her book is Lynn’s positive determination – she offers realistic advice for carers, hints on known pitfalls, positive solutions, useful strategies, reassurance, how and where to look for help and maintain hope.”

Dr. Fui Mee Quek
“Many books focus on what the disease is and what it is like to suffer with it but Lynn’s book really aims to help the carer who often gets neglected. It’s easy to read, engaging and full of examples and stories of real people. It really does do what the cover says…gives you HOPE!”
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Dr John Dalzell
Lynn has written a very informative book. She gives great insights into Eating Disorders and the perils and pitfalls for carers and sufferers are highlighted. I would recommend this book to health care professionals at both Under Graduate and Post Graduate levels.
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Natasha Devon – Founder of ‘Gossip School’
Eating disorders are notoriously complex and ‘Hope with Eating Disorders’ makes sense of them, with all the compassion, care and optimism you would expect from a Mother who knows how difficult it can be to be a carer, first hand.

Review by Carolyne Cross
Principal Isis Beauty Academy
Chairman of BABTAC & CIBTAC
“From the very first pages it is apparent that this is a book that has been written from the heart – it shows a passion for educating carers and people with eating disorders alike and provides an insight into the emotional turmoil that not only people with eating disorders experience but also the family, friends and people directly affected around them.”

Rose, 20 – Sufferer’s Sibling
“As I was flicking through the pages it was like a light bulb kept being turned on and I could understand the illness more and more. I think this is one of the greatest tools I have been given. Thanks to this book, I have walked away from this determined to help my sister to a full and lasting recovery.”

Parent, Anon
Hope with Eating Disorders is written in a way that’s easy to understand and describes a whole range of treatments in an unbiased way. It was such a relief to have my situation, as a parent struggling to cope, acknowledged – this book gave me the renewed strength and determination I needed to continue fighting.

A Grateful Client!
Having worked with Lynn to help a member of my family, I know that this book will bring help, advice and comfort to many people. Lynn’s positive attitude and strength of character come through in the book and show that there is real HOPE for everyone and recovery is possible.

Bella – Sufferer
Written from first-hand experience, Lynn’s passion for working with people of all walks of life, ages and gender is delivered in a friendly, easy to understand way. You will take away from Lynn’s message, knowledge, strength……motivation.

Mother, Anon
Your book was the first thing I have read – including all the academic literature – that actually described my daughter and this awful illness. It was so helpful to see my emotions put into words – we are so desperately stuck at the moment that reading your story and your advice has given us some heart to keep trying and not to give up.