John-Prescott Lord John Prescott "Essential reading for anyone who truly wishes to understand what it is like living with an eating disorder"

Janet-Treasure Professor Janet Treasure “The need to understand and help has led Lynn to explore a wide variety of perspectives on this illness. This book is a shared tool to make progress towards prevention and healing.”

Bobby-Davro Bobby Davro “As a parent, I feel Lynn’s book is an essential guide and support for anyone concerned about their son’s or daughter’s eating habits, self-esteem and general well being."

succeed_logo_cmyk_tm_out The Succeed Foundation ‘Have faith in recovery and trust the process...Hope with Eating Disorders teaches important lessons imparted with love and understanding’

MGEDT Men Get Eating Disorders Too "Men Get Eating Disorders Too fully supports Hope With Eating Disorders. As an issue so often associated with women,we are pleased the specific and unique needs of men are recognised in this fantastic book."

Suzanne-Dando Suzanne Dando “As a former sufferer myself of what is still considered a bit of a taboo subject, I found this book delivers information in a friendly, easy to understand way, making you want to read on.”

Nikki-Waterman Nicki Waterman "I am so pleased to have contributed to a book with such a positive and inspiring message"

Jo-Swinson Jo Swinson MP “Lynn’s passion and determination to help people whose lives are affected by eating disorders is inspiring.”

John-Stapleton John Stapleton “I support Lynn with her book as it will make people more aware of eating disorders and the impact they have not only on the person directly affected but also their family and friends.”

Body-Gossip Body Gossip "So often, we are approached by people concerned about a son or daughter, friend or colleague with an eating disorder, asking us what they can do. Now, finally we have an answer for them - Read this book!".

Steve-Blacknell Steve Blacknell “Now and again you meet someone special. Someone whose care and generosity sets out to make a genuine difference. Lynn is one such person.”