Case Studies

‘Hope with Eating Disorders’ uses a wide range of case studies – both those who have suffered an eating disorder first hand, and those who have cared for them throughout their illness.

The book contains first hand accounts from former sufferers of anorexia, bulimia, EDNOS, compulsive eating and exercise addiction. These case studies speak out about a host of relevant experiences, from the treatment programmes that did or did not work for them, their use of the internet during their illness and recovery and the role the media has had to play. At all times, their accounts aim to promote optimism and hope, with an emphasis on their road to recovery.

‘Hope with Eating Disorders’ also includes stories from mothers, fathers, teachers, friends, siblings and extended family whose lives have been touched by an eating disorder. They speak candidly about how their role as a carer has affected their lives, as well as offering the benefit of their experience.


Professor Janet Treasure, PHD FRCP FRCPsych
Professor Treasure is a Psychiatrist who has specialised in the treatment of eating disorders for over 30 years. Having written several books, and conducted some of the most reliable research in her field, Professor Treasure is now revered as one of the world’s leading experts in her field.

Marg & Gemma Oaten
Gemma is an Actress best known for her performance in Emmerdale. Having suffered from anorexia, her mother, Marg, founded SEED – A support group for carers.

Jo Swinson, MP
Jo is Chairman of the All Parties Parliamentary Group on Body Image. Along with Lynn Featherstone MP, Jo co-founded the Government’s Campaign for Body Confidence, which is dedicated to researching and resolving Britain’s body image issues.
Body Confidence Campaign

The Dove Campaign
The Dove Campaign for Body Confidence is aimed primarily at women and young girls. It is always looking at ways to broaden beauty ideals.

Eleni Renton
Director of ‘Leni’s Model Management’ – A Ethical Modelling Agency in London

Wendy Martin
Wendy is an Expert in Physical education and Sports nutrition. She currently works as a teacher and is passionate about educating young people towards a healthy lifestyle and attitude to sport.

Jenny Langley
Jenny wrote ‘Boys Get Eating Disorders Too’, after her own son was diagnosed with anorexia. She also runs school workshops, a carers support group, carers skills training and gives talks and presentations.

Natasha Devon
Natasha is Co-Director of Body Gossip, she founded ‘Gossip School’ which teaches a 1 hour self esteem class to teenagers of both genders in schools and colleges throughout the UK. Natasha and Ruth Rodgers Body Gossip is a campaign which aims to promote healthy, natural and realistic beauty by making theatre shows, short films and publishing books based on real body stories from the public.

Nicki Waterman
Nicki is a Personal Trainer who has worked with celebrities such as Kelly Brook. She also writes for a number of national publications, including The Sun, Top Sante, Zest and Woman’s Own.

Sam Thomas
As a former sufferer of bulimia nervosa, Sam founded the charity ‘Men Get Eating Disorders Too’- Which campaigns for equal treatment facilities for both genders.

Nick Watts
An eating disorder and body image campaigner, Nick currently works with the UK charity Men Get Eating Disorders Too, a charity dedicated to raising awareness and providing peer support to men suffering from eating disorders.
Nick Watts

The Succeed Foundation, Karine Berthou
Based in Kensington, London, the Succeed Foundation is committed to supporting and developing innovative and evidence based programmes and strategies to prevent and treat eating disorders and promote well-being.


Max Kirsten
Max is one of the country’s leading practitioners of NLP and Hypnotherapy, he has worked with many clients suffering from eating disorders with a very high success rate particularly with Bulimia.

John Arroyo
John is a Master NLP Practitioner. Specialising in working with people suffering from eating disorders. He has a clinic in Bath Somerset.
Tel: 07867 594961

Martin Shirran
Martin has pioneered the revolutionary ‘Gastric Mind Band’ – A safer alternative to gastric band surgery for obese patients with very positive long term results.

Ian Graham
Ian is one of the pioneers of the ‘Thought Field Therapy’ (TFT) technique, which has shown to be effective in treating eating disorders.

Tony Ford
Tony is a Humanistic Counsellor, who practises Thought Field Therapy, as well as being a Master Reiki Practitioner. He helps his clients to conquer a broad range of mental health issues.

Kyra Mathers
Kyra practises ‘Body Talk’, which is a relatively new and innovative form of therapy shown to help eating disorder patients when used in conjunction with talking-based therapies. Kyra has also been a carer to her daughter, Eva, who suffered from anorexia nervosa.

Laura Forbes
Body Talk Practitioner, with clinics in Notting Hill and Surrey.

Alison Fuller
Alison practices holistic treatments such as abdominal massage, acupuncture and reflexology and believes that these can be highly effective when used in conjunction with more traditional eating disorder treatments.

Carolyne Cross
Carolyne is the owner of Isis Beauty and is an advocate for using alternative therapy techniques.

Please note that Hope with Eating Disorders also includes a survey which was completed by a large number of General Practitioners, giving their views on eating disorder treatment.


Lord John Prescott
Lord Prescott is the former Deputy Prime Minister, who in 2008 spoke publically about his battle with bulimia nervosa.

Bobby Davro
Bobby is a National Treasure – Comedian and Television presenter. He is a father to three teenage daughters.

Caryn Franklin
Caryn is an author, lecturer, broadcaster and television presenter, best known for presenting the Clothes Show. Along with model Erin O’Connor and Debra Bourne, Caryn founded ‘All Walks Beyond the Catwalk’ – a campaign to promote diversity within the fashion industry and to encourage the public to embrace various shapes, sizes, ages and races within their notion of beautiful.

Mikyla Dodd
Mikyla is a British actress best known for her role as Chloe in the series ‘Hollyoaks’. She has had a well-documented battle with her weight and has written a book about her experiences as a food addict ‘Playing the Fat Girl’.

John Stapleton
John is a TV Presenter and journalist. He has been vocal as a former sufferer of anorexia and is keen to raise the awareness of Men and Eating Disorders.

Steve Blacknell
Steve is a former BBC Breakfast Host and Music Journalist who has battled bulimia. Who like John Stapleton is also very keen to raise awareness of eating disorders in men.

Suzanne Dando
Suzanne is a former Olympic Gymnast and British Gymnastic Champion. She has talked openly about being a former sufferer of anorexia.

Martina Eberl-Ellis
Martina is a German Professional Golfer. She talks about her former battle with her eating disorder and her thoughts on the role sport can play with eating disorders.