About Me

I became a counsellor when one of our beautiful daughters fell into the evil trap of Anorexia Nervosa and OCD, at the age of 13.

I explored every avenue and source of help, but they were not for me or my daughter.

Watching her disappear before my eyes, and the huge impact it was having on the rest of my family, especially her twin sister, I felt I had no option but to train myself and learn as much as I could about eating disorders and mental illness.

10 years on, a lot of hard work, determination and many tears shed, and with the unconditional support from close family, friends, our GP and their school, our beautiful girl is now fully recovered, enjoying life to the full and my family are stronger than ever together.

I then decided to continue studying and complete more courses. With my new found knowledge, personal experience and most of all my passion and love; I have been able to use my gift to help others.